Monday, October 20, 2008

Uninstalling ANIO Service and ANIWZCS Service

After looking for a way of uninstalling this software for hours and being lead to forums with people who have the same problem and no answer, (as the basic Uninstall and Add/Remove Method would not work), I decided to post the solution here.

These programs are associated with a D-Link Product. Mine in particular was the DWL-520 Rev E wireless B card.

The software that comes with it is just horrible and is the reason why you cant uninstall it!

Now the Solution to this is that you actually need the original install files to uninstall, which I've found and uploaded here.

Once you've downloaded the file, extract it and run the setup file. It may not recognize the original install; in my case, this is exactly what happened. So go ahead and install it and once complete, it will ask you to restart. Restart your computer. Now run the install file again and the program will now uninstall the files. The setup and the install look exactly the same. It will say: preparing to install. Once it's done preparing, you will get this screen:

Click "OK". It will take a few minutes and show a few screens but after that, it will be complete. Your ANIO Service and ANIWZCS Service is now uninstalled!

Note:Even after the software is uninstalled you will still be able to run your D-Link card, as the drivers are still installed without the garbage software.


~Rhonda~ said...

hi- just found your thread as I ran into this problem, your link to the reinstallation software is no longer active. Do you still have the information & if so will you please re-share? Thanks - R

display name said...

makes you want to run out and buy more d-link Crap....

Great MUSIC though. I been running it the back ground for its energy boost. thanks guys


display name said...

came for the technical assistance
stayed for the music.